New to the works of Donald Marshall? You should start here; it pretty much lays it all out

Rapper B.o.B has recently blown cloning up all
over the internet, and many mainstream media outlets have started to take notice.

The crimes of the Elite are unspeakable

What they are, and WHERE they are

The absolute truth about Deep Underground Military Bases

Two extracts from the LA Times of 29 January 1934 from the days before we had so much censorship of news

The greatest and most deadly threat to the Human race EXPOSED

This is quite a long read, 114 pages! But worth every minute of your time. Click here for a .pdf of all 114 pages.

Interesting article dated back to 2007 (posted: 04.11. 2007, 05:12), before Donald Marshall's info came out

This is a list of songs from Don's Proboard page,
things he has posted over time as well as other video and lyric references as we find them.
Thanks to Celine O'carroll for tirelessly documenting his page and posting it there.

A comprehensive list of videos by Donald Marshal culled from all over the internet.

Parental Discretion is advised

Introducing "Donald Marshall Revolution". New and well made website detailing Donald's information.

More relevant videos. Uploader coming soon!

For those that are wondering how the MK2 clones operate that Donald mentions, the NSA are behind the lot.

Did you know that technology is already in use with our computer systems
that LITERALLY READS OUR BRAINS? please share #opensourcebci #DARPA wants to #crowdsouce
#DIY #brainwave computer interfaces (#BCI) and research

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